Terms & Conditions

1.   Due to the nature of this activity, neither COOL RUNNINGS (inc
 nor any of its servants / employees accepts responsibility for
injuries resulting from this tour.

2.    It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they drive in a safe and non dangerous manner at all times with due regard to their own safety and those around them.  On all supervised tours, should the tour leader feel that this is not the case, COOLRUNNINGS (inc FUERTETRIKES) reserves the right to cancel the tour on those grounds with immediate effect.

3.   The tour leader can refuse a driver or renter, or stop his tour without further reason.

4.   By not following the leader’s instructions, the renter can be forced by police to stop his tour and will pay an extra cost of 100€ to take over the trike.

5.   It is strictly forbidden to leave the tour or to drive “off road” (on the beaches).  Overtaking your tour leader is forbidden.  It will increase the risk of an accident.

6.   The renter agrees the state of the trike, and will, without failure, inform the guide at the beginning of the tour.  The vehicle is covered by an insurance policy which provides coverage against third party liability and bail coverage.  The driver is responsible for any damage caused to the trike due to own fault or negligence.  A copy of the insurance is available at the office of COOLRUNNINGS (inc FUERTETRIKES).

7.   Always drive at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

8.   It is your obligation by law to wear a helmet and safety belt.

9.   The renter is liable and responsible for all parking and traffic violations.

10.  At no time shall COOLRUNNINGS (inc FUERTETRIKES) be held liable for fines due to irresponsible or dangerous driving practices or general road traffic law   infringements. 

11. The only driver is the person who undersigned and is mentioned in this agreement.  Their driving
 licence will be kept by the tour leader throughout the duration of the complete tour.

12.  Whilst COOLRUNNINGS (inc FUERTETRIKES) strives to ensure safety on all our activities, please remember that the driver is ultimately responsible and should drive in a safe manner at all times.

13. The minimum age for the driver is 25 years.

14. A copy of the insurance policy is available upon request.


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